Film Swap Friday #2 : Bringing the Surf to Reno


It is always fun to do projects with friends and even more so if you share the same passion. Two years ago, me and my friend Victoria (vici in lomography) decided to do a swap. But to make it more exciting and different from our other swaps, we opted for a black and white film swap. We haven’t seen a lot of black and white film swap yet on the lomography site┬áso we thought it would be nice to do something that is not common in the lomography swap world.

She took photos of a snowy Reno, sent the film to me, and I went to Huntington Beach to shoot some beach scenes. We finished this swap around winter of 2012.

You can see more of Vici’s photographs here.



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Morning Light

Birds basking on the massaging warmth of the early morning light. Usually they would fly away if I got too close. This time, they didn’t care about me at all.

Photo taken with the Belair City Slicker camera set on 6 x 12 setting. Film is a very expired Fuji 64T.

Good morning!



Dia De Los Muertos

A few images, portraits, moments from the Dia De Los Muertos celebration at Olvera St. in Downtown Los Angeles. Everyone was in a festive mood even though one would think other wise since it was Day of the Dead. Olvera St. is usually full of activity on Saturdays but on that day, it was more crowded, festive and colorful. Kids having their faces painted, older folks watching the performances in the plaza, altars decorated with sugar skulls, tourists buying souvenirs and stopping to watch the dancers with their skull masks, good food everywhere….It is a celebration I would love to attend (and take photos of ) yearly.

Images made with my Canon EOS XS and Lomography CN 100 film.



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Film Swap Friday #1- with Wuttichai Nuchsiri in Bangkok

One of the fun things about film photography is doing a film swap project or better known to me and my friends (or maybe to others too) as doubles project.

Shooting a film sent (or to be sent) from another place (city, country, etc) and the mystery that lies ahead is such a fun process. And then you don’t really know what to expect to see.

You can have themes, you can plan what images to shoot or just shoot random for both…But nevertheless, the results are always unexpected. I always find it thrilling.

I’ve done so many ( and more to come) film swaps since I started shooting mostly film and I admire so many film swap projects from others. So I decided to do a film swap post on Fridays. Sometimes I will feature projects from others that I find really cool.

So for this first film swap Friday post, I thought of posting a set from one of the very first film swaps I have done. It’s a swap with my friend Wuttichai Nuchsiri who lives all the way in Bangkok, Thailand. We did this two years ago. This is our first swap and now we have done six total. This is using Agfa CT Precisa film which was crossed processed after.