The Exposury: You and Your Camera


A few days ago, I was on Pinterest and I stumbled upon a photo of Ansel Adams (photo above) shooting with a Contax camera. The photo was taken by his friend and also a great photographer, Edward Weston.
I thought the photo was awesome and so I went ahead and posted it on The Exposury’s Facebook page. Aside from that, I also started a sort of a game. You and Your Camera. I asked our friends to share photos of themselves with their cameras like the photo of Ansel Adams and his Contax. The submissions were very interesting.

Here they are.


Blaine Vernicek with two of his favorite things. This one made me smile a lot! You can find his work here , here and here :).


Julian Brombach with his Mamiya C3 loaded with Agfa APX 400. I am in awe of this one. You can find Julian’s work here.


Zeester Seestern and her LC-A+ loaded with cross processed Fuji Sensia 100. How lovely! You can find more of her photos here.


Michal Novotao with his Yashica Electro 35GT. A clever way of shooting a self reflection selfie ;) ! More of Michal’s work can be found here.


Agata Kucharska up close and personal with her Zenit E. Very nice indeed. More of Agata’s work can be found here.


Yannick or realrampage in a somewhat surreal shot with his Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic. Sometimes instant results are the way to go and they are cool! You can see more of his photos here.


Ira Vol and her LC-A+ loaded with Kodak Elitechrome 100 Extra Color film. Another impressive perspective in shooting. You can view her photos and photography page here.


Joy Ratheim shooting with her Nikon FE2 loaded with Arista 400. A nice self portrait in monochrome while on a photography walk. Joy’s work can be seen here.


My amigo Cesar in a self reflection portrait with his Hasselblad 501CM loaded with Kodak Portra 400. This photo is simply amazing. More of his work can be found here.


Rocio Mendez in a monochrome medium format portrait with a Lubitel camera. This is beautiful. Rocio’s work can be viewed here.


Last but not the least is this photo of our friend Adrian Norbert Cuper. His friend Anna Pfeiffer took this photo and told him: “I’ll take your photo to show you how stupid is your face when you’re shooting… :|”. Well, all I can say is that I think this is so cool and it made me laugh :D.  You can see more of Adrian’s work here and here.

Well, hope you enjoyed Sunday’s post and the photos of our friends with their film cameras. I also wish you can take time to check their websites. Thank you!

First for the Year…

I know it is kinda late for “happy New Year” but hey, January isn’t over yet and in two weeks, Year of the Horse starts in the Chinese Calendar. So I guess it is still ok to greet everyone a Happy New Year!
I wish you lots of happy moments and great photographic moments as well. Here’s to a joyful 2014!

Anyway, I started the year shooting a disposable camera. An Ilford HP5 disposable that. It’s a sort of a project I committed to do for the Indisposable Concept. They are a very cool collective in which the main premise is to shoot the indisposable or things that are important to you by using a disposable camera. Pretty simple and I really love the idea behind it. The only catch to it is that the roll should be finished in a week and should include one self portrait. I already shot three rolls for them last year and this year, I committed to shooting one disposable camera for each month. So, 12 disposables of indisposables for 2014. I think it is a really fun and sort of a relaxing photo project for me.

I have not had the time yet to get the HP5 developed to show some January photos but here are a few shots from two disposable cameras that I brought with me to Chicago last month.

And yes, hope you take part in the Indisposable ConceptR1-04125-021A R1-04125-003A. R1-04124-022A