Hello there! I am Graziella.

I started this blog in 2007 mainly to talk about things that interest me-fashion, travel, food, music, movies, etc. Then a few years after, I fell in love with film photography. It became more of a passion than a hobby. Coupled with that was the excitement of being a part of the Lomography community. Shooting film and trying out different cameras and films got me into this whole new place of wanderment, possibilities, ideas….
This passion has been going on now for almost five years thus this blog has now evolved into a place for sharing this passion.

Hello again.

10 things about me as of today, Feb. 24,2011……
****new edit as of Feb 19,2012...

1. I have to have coffee in the morning. I mean, I must have coffee in the morning.

2. The weather generally dictates how I feel. I try to consciously fight that but it’s hard. The sun makes me happy. I blame the cloudy skies for my gloom.

3. I’m a hopeful romantic.

4. I love old outdated things. Typewriters. Film cameras. 20’s fashion. Snail mail.

5. With that said, I yearn for snail mail. Packages, letters, cards from the mail makes me giddy.

6. I wear flat shoes. My feet can’t stand heels. That doesn’t mean I hate heels. I crave them. I drool over images of Loubotins and Choos.

7. I wish I can craft and create all day. Seriously. That and breaks for coffee, tea, and pastries.

****I wish I can take photographs most of my days. That and craft some. And yes, breaks for coffee, tea, and pastries….( as of Fe. 19,2012)

8. I thank God for music. For Ella Fitzgerald. For Billie Holiday. For the Beatles. For Joni Mitchell. For Wilco. For The Shins.

9. A meal without rice is incomplete.

10. I want to live in Japan for a year, visit the Philippines more often, say a prayer on top of Machu Picchu, dance in Argentina….
*** and also Europe…Iceland, Paris, Netherlands, Austria, England. And Cambodia, Thailand, China….everywhere….(as of Feb. 19, 2012)



5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello dear Grazie! I love this post!
    And can we please have some more of your beautiful photos? ;-)
    I’ll write to you soon on Lomo, have a wonderful Sunday!

    1. Hello again Marie! How are you? Just wanna tell you again that your work is impressive and very inspiring. you are inspiring me to try IR bw, pinhole photography and to study more my Hasselblad. Your photos show the endless possiblities that can be achieved with analogue photography.
      Anyway, I also decided to spend more time on this blog. Another inspiration from you.
      Take care and also you can reach me here: grazines@yahoo.com
      Maybe we can really start on the swap for 2014.

      1. Hi there!
        Thank you very much for your kind words, it is wonderful to hear that my images can be of some inspiration to someone! :-)
        Endless possibilities, yes, you are so right, there is SO MUCH fun to do, and for the moment I’m totally in to pinhole, it is a new wonerful world of it’s own….
        I’m actually working on a new site/blog with only pinhole images. I hope to launch it within a week or so. More of a static website than Shimmering Grains, that is more of a blog, at least so far.
        Please keep on blogging. it is so great to see your work in this form.
        Yes, a swap would be fun, but right now we are going into a very grey lightless period here in Sweden, so next year is great, when the light is coming back again.
        Have a lovely week to come!

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