I know it is kinda late for “happy New Year” but hey, January isn’t over yet and in two weeks, Year of the Horse starts in the Chinese Calendar. So I guess it is still ok to greet everyone a Happy New Year!
I wish you lots of happy moments and great photographic moments as well. Here’s to a joyful 2014!

Anyway, I started the year shooting a disposable camera. An Ilford HP5 disposable that. It’s a sort of a project I committed to do for the Indisposable Concept. They are a very cool collective in which the main premise is to shoot the indisposable or things that are important to you by using a disposable camera. Pretty simple and I really love the idea behind it. The only catch to it is that the roll should be finished in a week and should include one self portrait. I already shot three rolls for them last year and this year, I committed to shooting one disposable camera for each month. So, 12 disposables of indisposables for 2014. I think it is a really fun and sort of a relaxing photo project for me.

I have not had the time yet to get the HP5 developed to show some January photos but here are a few shots from two disposable cameras that I brought with me to Chicago last month.

And yes, hope you take part in the Indisposable ConceptR1-04125-021A R1-04125-003A. R1-04124-022A







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