It is always fun to do projects with friends and even more so if you share the same passion. Two years ago, me and my friend Victoria (vici in lomography) decided to do a swap. But to make it more exciting and different from our other swaps, we opted for a black and white film swap. We haven’t seen a lot of black and white film swap yet on the lomography site so we thought it would be nice to do something that is not common in the lomography swap world.

She took photos of a snowy Reno, sent the film to me, and I went to Huntington Beach to shoot some beach scenes. We finished this swap around winter of 2012.

You can see more of Vici’s photographs here.



41860001 41860015 4186002641860028


2 thoughts on “Film Swap Friday #2 : Bringing the Surf to Reno

  1. Wow, no 5 is a homerun!! All fo them are really good!!
    Please give my regards to Vici! Great doubles, both of you!!
    Have a lovely weekend Gracie.

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