One of the fun things about film photography is doing a film swap project or better known to me and my friends (or maybe to others too) as doubles project.

Shooting a film sent (or to be sent) from another place (city, country, etc) and the mystery that lies ahead is such a fun process. And then you don’t really know what to expect to see.

You can have themes, you can plan what images to shoot or just shoot random for both…But nevertheless, the results are always unexpected. I always find it thrilling.

I’ve done so many ( and more to come) film swaps since I started shooting mostly film and I admire so many film swap projects from others. So I decided to do a film swap post on Fridays. Sometimes I will feature projects from others that I find really cool.

So for this first film swap Friday post, I thought of posting a set from one of the very first film swaps I have done. It’s a swap with my friend Wuttichai Nuchsiri who lives all the way in Bangkok, Thailand. We did this two years ago. This is our first swap and now we have done six total. This is using Agfa CT Precisa film which was crossed processed after.






3 thoughts on “Film Swap Friday #1- with Wuttichai Nuchsiri in Bangkok

  1. Fantastic images! Darling Pui… And what a great idea to post about swap on Fridays, this will share the idea in a very inspiring way.
    Wonderful work Grazie!
    Have a lovely weekend!

    1. thank you Marie! Pui is doing well and we planned to do at least one swap a year. By the way, I am looking forward to a swap with you too. Maybe we can try the la sardina :). Have a lovely week.

      1. I’m looking forward to our swap too, but now it is too dark for a couple of months (or too light when the snow comes…) So I think it is better to do that in the spring. But I’m unsure about the sardina…. ;-)

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