5 thoughts on “Friday Flora in crossed Fuji Astia

      1. Yes, I have. But haven’t tested properly yet. I have just developed one roll, all crap…. My lightmeter had broken, and I didn’t know that yet….
        My son Jonas has tried one though, with my Diana multi pinhole operator. That roll turned out very well, interesting film.

      2. I am on my second roll and I still get confused at times when and how to shoot it. Just got lucky a bit with that cover photo of my blog but the rest has been not what I wanted hehe. But hopefully soon!
        Does he still post on lomo?

      3. No, neither of us, I’m afraid… I’m nagging on him to get a blog or Flick’r or something… He is working of a self hosted blog, but when that happens I don’t know….
        Do you still post on Lomo?

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