Will be going on a two week trip to Paris, Madrid and Vienna in two days and I still can’t decide how many rolls of films (35mm and 120mm) will I be bringing. Is 30 enough? Or maybe not if I will be shooting lots of street scenes. And there’s the wedding too. 3, 4 or 5 for that? I guess I’ll figure it all out a few hours before my shuttle to the airport arrives.

And yes, I am exclusively shooting film these days. And on this vacation, I challenge myself to shoot film entirely. Hmm, except for the occasional instagram photos but yeah those are not really counted.

And this blog, yes this blog….I’m still not so set as to the direction this blog is heading to. I kinda know though that it will be mostly be posts of photographs of yes, my life and the world and condition I live in right now. I’d love it to be a documentation of my everyday world through photographs I take. I’d love it to be photographs to express how I feel at those moments that I took them. I’d love it to be a reflection of me( and where I don’t need to talk much and just let the photos do that for me hehe). I hope you will ride along….

Here are some recent ones I took with the Lubitel 2….all in colored….

Light, light, light…comes in
My friend Sheryll seeming shy
Mother and daughter
I love this plant.
I found this small tunnel like trail and as I walked in, Shiloh followed.


Sometimes I want to be alone.

Good night.

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  1. Hi there! Ohh, I’m in awe of your wonderful trip…. And I understand your worries about the film too, hehe… There always seems to be to little of one or another, but hey, you can always buy some more ;-)
    Have the very best two weeks ever, and please give my regards to our Lomofriends from me.
    And about your blog, I think you have found your “voice” perfectly! Just follow your flow and “Trust the Process”!
    Greetings from Sweden

    1. hello hello Marie!!! Been back and will post soon. Thanks a lot for your wishes before my trip. It was fun. Hope you are having a nice week.

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