I’d love to go back to Japan. I’d love to take lots of photographs of scenes such as this of a mother and a daughter amidst the craziness of Harajuku. I’d love to ride the trains again, eat lots of ramen and sushi, stare in awe of the fashion, travel the countryside, see Mt. Fuji, go to an onsen, walk the streets, etc, etc…..
There’s something about Japan that made me fall in love with it. Love at first sight. Love at first step out of the plane.
I have to go back. I will go back. Maybe not soon. But definitely.

….I guess I should start reviewing my notes from my Japanese class….:)

Tokyo AprilMay 2008 by grazieinthesun
Tokyo AprilMay 2008, a photo by grazieinthesun on Flickr.

2 thoughts on “Reminiscing Japan

  1. We had plans to travel to Japan for the first time next year, but we think we may postpone it now. It’s going to take a bit for them to get back on their feet, but I’m sure when they do, it will be better than ever!

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