I’ve been taking photos after photos after photos…..I think I’m addicted…..I’m in love…..shooting makes me happy these days……

And that explains the absence from blogging (although I’ve been posting at least a photo a week on my tumblr site). I’ve been just out most of the time taking pictures of just about anything. People, street scenes, animals, food, window displays, bicycles, cars, the ocean, flowers, windows, doors, junk, signs…

It seems like there’s a different world or scenario presented to me while I’m looking through the viewfinder. I feel more confident. Maybe because I’m in control. To compose. To frame. To shoot.  To create.

And the moment after I press the shutter. That moment I feel peace.

Here are three photos of a family of three rapping on a street in Downtown Los Angeles by the Fashion District. I love how the little boy kept smiling at me. So cute!

2 thoughts on “Lately….

  1. So happy you’ve found your happy place! Actually, with all the photography work I’ve been getting, I spend less time shooting for me these days. I need to find my happy place as well. How cute is this family! And the little boy…gosh! What a doll!

    1. hahaha thanks! I hope this passion will stay though. I had a great time taking their photo. It was just fun watching them! How’s your Holga?

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