A copy of the 2010-11 Autumn/Winter first collection catalogue of Gelato Pique.

Which came with a beautiful canvass bag .

I can live in these knits. I also need to get my bangs cut short and blunt like these ladies.

They also have a collection for kids.

A great idea to try for my summer scarves. Twisted and braided together.

2 thoughts on “What makes me smile…..

  1. I love getting catalogues in the mail! And it’s even more awesome that you have a tote with it too :) BTW- I just read your comment about the Holga. Thank you, I needed that because I just developed another film last night and I was ready to just giveup. It was another blank one. But I’ll keep trying, at least for now ;)

    1. I think most of the Japanese catalogues /magazines do that for their special Spring or Fall issues. Oh if you need help on your Holga check out lomography.com for tips. They have a lot and the lomo community is very friendly.

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