A morning at the farmer’s market. It’s something I look forward to. The activity, the fresh produce, the thoughts of good food, the sun beaming at you or the drizzly morning thankful for your attendance…..

These scenes were from last year. I took Ms. Diana mini with me and I don’t know what got into her and me that morning because most of the shots were double exposed…..

Must have been late Spring because cherries were the stars of the market that day.

Berries are beautiful. Any kind….

Succulents have been a trend for some time now.

double exposed…..Illusion of an arm coming out of the asparagus….gosh!

Beautiful shapes….


Nevermind the spelling for the cheese. It was good.


This made me smile more…..

4 thoughts on “What makes me smile…..

  1. I think the double exposure looks pretty cool! I purchased a Holga a few months ago and none of my film has developed. Not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I’d rather have pretty double exposure photos than none at all :o/

    1. Thanks Maddy! don’t give up with the Holga :). I think the 120 film is somewhat tricky at times. I’m sure you’ll take great photos with it soon.

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