This winter season has been unusually fast ain’t it? My last post was almost two months ago and it didn’t feel that way really. There were so many happenings and things that truly inspired me last Christmas but I just didn’t have the time( ahem!) or energy to sit down and post about it. Oh well….and so I blame time or the lack of it…Sorry Time :)
If I get the chance to pace myself better or deal better with the problem of lack of time, I hope to share more about my growing interest on knits and yarns. I’m at the point where I’m seriously considering taking a class in spinning fiber take that! I’d love to learn more about the different kinds of natural fibers and the process of making yarns. I hope I can talk more about it in a later post.
But as of late, images of fashion and the recent couture shows have flooded my mind . I’ve always been but the level of excitement I’m feeling right now is close to the time when I saw McQueen’s Fall 2008 collection.

Well regarding the Spring Couture shows…..the Christian Dior collection is the loveliest thing I’ve seen all week. And the clothes make me crave for marshmallows, macarons, cream puffs…..Yummy!


I love pink. This photo from Lula magazine may be the best exhibit of  the color pink. What a delight!

Hailee Steinfeld at the SAG awards. Cute! She makes me smile.

The newest pal I made. Just in time for the start of the Rabbit year. Happy Chinese New Year! Now it’s not too late to write down those resolutions.

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