Here’s a super late post about Halloween. I apologize. I do procrastinate. Quite frequently. But it was fun. Pumpkins of all sorts and sizes flooded the market and they were a nice sight to see. I love looking at pumpkins. Me and my cousin had pumpkin cupcake at Frosted Cupcakery. It was good but I think my cousin makes yummier frosting

I brunched with a dear friend Sunday morning and went trick or treating with my niece and nephew ( and their parents) on Halloween evening. I was just gonna dress up as me but I saw a white apron in the kitchen and so I transformed into a baker.

And now I’m thinking of being Wednesday Adams next year. We’ll see……

with all the imperfections, they’re always nice to look at…….

Flowers for me please…….

Cupcakes at Frosted Cupcakery

pumpkin cupcake with cream cheese frosting…..

…a peek at what I’ve been doing lately….more soon I hope…..

Happy Thursday to you wherever you are, whatever you’re doing……….

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