Luke is only 7 and like other kids, he is a ball of energy. He loves dragons, robots, cars and science. He loves to tickle and be tickled. He doesn’t give free kisses.

Luke may only be 7 yet I feel sometime that he’s an old soul. His smile is infectious and the camera loves him. He’s just so natural in front of the camera. No effort at all. One shot is perfect when it comes to Luke.

We were all weighed down by a heavy lunch and aching feet while strolling the lobby of Bellagio Hotel except for Luke. He was on hyper mode and was busy running around and enjoying the autumn display. Then he asked me ” Are these pumpkins real Tita?”. I said, ” touch them”. He did and he smiled at me. I pressed the shutter.

Looking at Luke’s photo at the Bellagio ( and another one in Boracay and at the County Fair) reminds me why I love photography. It’s not really about the effects or art details though those are fun. It’s not really how clear or precise your shot is though that’s pretty to look at.

It’s about the subject. Capturing your subject and looking through their soul.

And when your subject naturally  lets you do that, the better.

Thanks Luke.

2 thoughts on “Luke

  1. nakaka-touch ate… he IS really all that… and more! thanks for this nice entry… :)) love you!

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