A trip to Old Town Orange which was spent mostly at the flea market and ended with a purchase of assorted macaroons from Paris In A Cup……

What is it about bicycles that make them so attractive to the human eye and the camera lens? I see so many pictures of bicycles these days and every one look so unique. I just can’t stop taking photos of them.

Best malts and milkshakes at Watsons Drug.

Lunch break from selling antiques.

The cutest sighting of the day.

One of the things I considered at the flea market. Now I wonder about the recipes inside.

Can you believe that was the first time I saw fishing reels? I loved looking at these vintage reels.

There’s just something regal about old clocks.

And there they were. My favorites were the  pistachio and lemon macaroons. But of course after, I thought of the famous Laduree and wondered about their macaroons. If those macaroons from Paris In A Cup were delightful enough then what sensation would the Laduree ones give me? I wonder if maybe a Laduree experience will be like my sushi at Tsukiji market experience. The sushi there was the best sushi ever that when I went back here to the US, it took me more than a year before I ate sushi again. It was that good that it was the only sushi I wanted to eat.

So maybe next year I’ll have the best macaroons ever. Am I expecting too much?

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