Photos that inspire on this rainy Saturday….

1. Coffee Break [film], 2. Age difference half a century, 3. Untitled, 4. plane wing

….I added the last photo to this group because it’s an amazing capture but also because it’s a view I’ll be having in 17 days….Yes! I’ll be flying soon to the place I still call home….I’m very excited because I’ll see and reconnect with people who are very close to my heart….I’m preparing myself for the extreme heat and humidity of the Philippines, psyching myself to not complain because I’ve experienced it before…( but I do hope they won’t roll their eyes at me at times that I might just forget and say “Ang init naman!!!”)….I start to drool when I think about the food….I can’t really describe how good the food is in my country…Great or yummy is just not enough…If you don’t believe me, ask Anthony Bourdain :)…I think he said in his Philippine episode that the lechon is the best pork dish he’s had…I’m also taking a lot of vit C and Advil with me coz I know I’ll have so many late nights, mostly because of endless chats with my cousins, aunts and friends….I don’t wanna get sick when I’m there…I can’t….

So yeah, in 17 days….16 hours to Taipei…3 hours layover….Philippines! 4 weeks….

2 thoughts on “Rainy Saturday….and yes, I’m flying soon….

  1. yay!!! haha… love your entry te! and lechon?!!! naks! muhkng mapapalechon—- de leche kme… hahaha… don't worry kung mabanggit mo man na mainit, second d motion kme ksi tlgang mainit!!! summer e… and el niño dto db? yep, take your vitamins maninibago ka tlga… 10 years ba nmn na ndi ka nkatapak sa lupang hinirang e… can't wait te! miss you! :D

  2. wwwhhhhaaaaahhhhhh!!! Inggit ako! How I wish sabay tayo uwi! I'll surely miss you being just a phone call away. One month mananahimik ang buhay ko of our ka cornyhan and bungisngisan! But I know you will enjoy naman, so am happy na din :) Love you Gracie, hurry back ha!

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